babel book and film club- Dutch

DUTCH (7 - 8 p.m.) All films are available on Netflix with English subtitles

Hosted by Constance “Conny” Willems, Honorary Consul Emerita, the Netherlands

9/21| A Noble Intention

In the late 1800's, a stubborn violin maker refused to give up his home when powerful businessmen attempted to build a luxury hotel in his neighborhood.  Based on a true story..  You'll find out if the house is still standing in Amsterdam.

Film received a number of the equivalent of the Oscars, the Golden Calf, in a large number of categories.. Duration 1 hr and 50 min.

A discussion on the film A Noble Intention will be held in Dutch and English at this event. We understand that immersion and conversation are the best way to learn a language, so please feel free to join even if you are not able to participate fully in Dutch. The film is available on Netflix with English subtitles. Our host will be happy to help keep the conversation going at the level that is comfortable for everyone who joins. If the conversation turns to Dutch culture, food, music, etc., that is welcome, as well. The Babel Film Club is meant to provide an opportunity for language immersion, but also for building community and exploring the world.

Swirl Wine Bar will be selecting a wine to pair with this event and will do their best to match it to this particular event. Wine will be available for purchase at Swirl Wine Bar (3143 Ponce de Leon St. / (504) 304-0635) and a portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to NOCDC. To purchase your curated wine for this event, contact Swirl Wine Bar directly. If you join NOCDC as a new member and register for a Babel Book Club event, NOCDC would be happy to purchase your first bottle of wine to welcome you. Contact Sarina Mohan, Executive Director, at for more details.

Next events: 

10/19 | The Resistance Banker

This 2018 film is based on a true story.  Risking failure and future, a banker in occupied Holland slows the Nazi war machine by creating an underground bank to fund the resistance. Received a number of Golden Calves. Duration 2 hrs and 10 min.


11/16 | Riphagen

Thriller based on the story of Andries Riphagen, a Dutch WW II war criminal who collaborated with the Nazis.  He amassed a large amount of money. Again, the film is based on a true story and received a number of Golden Calves. Duration 2 hrs and 11 min.


12/14 | Layla M

When a Moroccan teenager growing up in Amsterdam is radicalized, she marries a jihadist and joins an Ismalist cell in the Middle East but she finds out that there are prejudices there too. Duration 1 hr and 50 min


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