babel book and film club- Dutch

DUTCH (7 - 8 p.m.) All films are available on Netflix with English subtitles

Hosted by Constance “Conny” Willems, Honorary Consul Emerita, the Netherlands

11/16 | Riphagen

Thriller based on the story of Andries Riphagen, a Dutch WW II war criminal who collaborated with the Nazis.  He amassed a large amount of money. Again, the film is based on a true story and received a number of Golden Calves. Duration 2 hrs and 11 min.


12/14 | Layla M

When a Moroccan teenager growing up in Amsterdam is radicalized, she marries a jihadist and joins an Ismalist cell in the Middle East but she finds out that there are prejudices there too. Duration 1 hr and 50 min