Home hospitality, the opportunity to host international professionals in one's home for a meal, presents a unique chance to get to know these visitors on a more personal level.

Home hospitality is a privilege for NOCDC members. To join or learn more about membership please visit our membership page

Interested to participate in home hospitality but something is hindering you from hosting it? Please contact us at info@nocdc.org to discuss
other members you might be able to partner with by offering to pick up the visitor(s) from the hotel, bringing wine, or cooking a dish.

FAQ: Home Hospitality

When would I host a visitor(s)?

Visitors are normally hosted in the home for dinner. This way they can learn about American culture in a local home over a meal. You may also take a visitor on a sightseeing tour, or drive a visitor to a professional meeting.

Is this a daily occurence?

No. You may respond to email requests to host a visitor or visitors as often as you like.

Must I house a visitor over-night?

No. 98% of our visitors and their interpreters/escorts stay in area hotels. But some exchange programs require overnight stays. If you are interested in housing a visitor overnight, please let us know.

Must I speak a foreign language?

No. If you do, that's great! If not, you will host English speaking visitors or visitors with interpreters.

Where are the visitors from?

Our visitors are from all over the world. Most of our visitors are sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program. These current and emerging leaders are selected by our American embassies for their influence in their country and their interest in knowing more about the U.S. Many world leaders including Anwar Sadat, Willy Brandt, Edward Heath, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Tony Blair have participated in the IVLP.

What are some helpful tips for participating in home hospitality?

Our members have been hosting visitors for many years. The most enjoyable visits occur when both the hosts and the guests are relaxed and comfortable. If you are nervous at first, just remember that the visitors are in a strange country and city and may also be apprehensive. The following tips are designed as a guide: Be on time when picking the guest(s) up at the hotel. When serving alcoholic beverages be conservative. Plan a simple menu. You can make decisions based on the dietary restrictions of your guest(s) and your preference. You may want to settle on one menu that you serve each time you host a visitor. Invite your friends to share or co-host the evening. This will make you feel more comfortable and friends can help entertain the visitor(s) while you are preparing dinner. This is especially good when an interpreter does not accompany the visitor. It is easier for the interpreter if you have fewer people. Keep the evening short. Remember, the visitor may have had a long day of appointments or have an early appointment or plane to catch in the morning, so use your best judgement. The guest may present you with a host/hostess gift. It is not necessary to reciprocate unless you have something that you think is particularly appropriate that you would like to give. Relax and enjoy the evening! Our visitors are here to spend time in a typical American home. Elegance and gourmet cooking are not the attractions- they can get those at a restaurant. What they will remember is the warmth of your hospitality.


NOCDC receives frequent requests to arrange home hospitality for international visitors. NOCDC members will receive emails whenever this occurs. Below are upcoming home hospitality opportunities.

Please email NOCDC Executive Director Susannah Coolidge to request to host any of our upcoming visitors.

NOCDC offers its members the opportunity to host international visitors in their homes for dinner.



English-speaking (no interpreter)

NOCDC offers its members the opportunity to host international visitors in their homes for dinner.



English-speaking (no interpreter)

NOCDC offers its members the opportunity to host international visitors in their homes for dinner.

Stay tuned for future opportunities to host!

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