babel book and film club- Spanish

SPANISH (7 – 8 p.m.)

Hosted by Svetlana Pizzati, NOCDC Program Officer


October 27th

The Old Man Who Read Love Stories

by Luis Sepúlveda (Chile)


A discussion on the book The Old Man Who Read Love Stories by Luis Sepúlveda will be held in Spanish and English. We understand that immersion and conversation are the best way to learn a language, so please feel free to join even if you are not able to participate fully in Spanish. Our host (a nonnative speaker of Spanish) will be happy to help keep the conversation going at the level that is comfortable for everyone who joins. As with many book clubs, we hope you will read the book and join in the discussion - but feel free read it in English or Spanish, read the Cliffs Notes, or even watch the movie if that suits you! If the conversation turns to Chilean culture, food, music, etc., that is welcome, as well. The Babel Book Club is meant to provide an opportunity for language immersion, but also for building community and exploring the world.

Swirl Wine Bar will be selecting a wine to pair with this event and will do their best to match it to this particular event. Wine will be available for purchase at Swirl Wine Bar (3143 Ponce de Leon St. / (504) 304-0635) and a portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to NOCDC. To purchase your curated wine for this event, contact Swirl Wine Bar directly. If you join NOCDC as a new member and register for a Babel Book Club event, NOCDC would be happy to purchase your first bottle of wine to welcome you. Contact Sarina Mohan at for more details.

All Babel Book and Film Club events are free and open to the public!

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