World Explorer Supper Club

World Explorers' Supper Club goes to France!


When:  September 25, at 6:30 PM CST


Join the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council as we explore the cuisines of the world! Our inaugural event features a three course French menu prepared by Chef Sullivan "Sully" Fournigault. While you savor your meal from home, join us by zoom to hear from Chef Sully about what defines French cuisine, his personal journey of bringing his classic French training to Louisiana, and how New Orleans' cooking and foodways have influenced his cooking style. Each meal purchased will support Chef Sully during the pandemic as well as raise critical funds for the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council.





Registration closes on Monday, 9/21. $55 ($45 for NOCDC members). If you are not yet a member of NOCDC or if your membership may have recently lapsed, you can join or renew here to purchase at the member rate.

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Menu (choose vegetarian or non-vegetarian)



  • Cucumber salad with fresh mozzarella, shallots, chives, and a truffle balsamic vinegar sauce

  • Smoked tomato, onion, tofo mijoter served over jasmine rice

  • 3 Brittany salted caramel macarons



  • Chef Sully’s great, great grandmother’s cognac chicken liver spread on toast

  • 8 hours pork tenderloin served with sea salt baby potatoes, jasmine rice, and creamy French mustard sauce

  • 3 Brittany salted caramel macarons


Chef Sullivan “Sully” Fournigault is a native of Courtillers, a small village of approximately 800 inhabitants in Sarthe, a department of the French regions of Pays de la Loire situated in the Grand Ouest of France. It is named after the Sarthe River, which flows from east of Le Mans to just north of Angers and about a three-hour drive from Paris.  Sarthe is famous for white and red wine, the beautiful Loire valley castles and the Rillettes, which was invented about 30 minutes from his house!


Chef Sully has been working in the culinary arts since the age of thirteen when he began his studies as an apprentice to learn everything about food, eventually focusing on baking pastries, catering, candy and chocolate making, ice cream production and business management. Chef moved to New Orleans in 2016 and worked as Croissant D’or in the French Quarter before becoming pastry chef at Maple Street Patisserie, where he currently works. Chef Sully specializes in specialty French macarons, which can be purchased by calling or texting Chef Sully at (504) 758-1319.


What has impacted you the most in New Orleans?

“The biggest thing that impacted me in New Orleans is the humidity, not only for me but the recipes too.  I had to adjust to the climate in order to bake here.  Humidity changes everything.  It took me one month, trying every day different adjustments in order to be happy with the result of my specialty, French macarons.”


How has New Orleans cuisine changed you?

“The culture and the history [of New Orleans] has impacted my approach to cuisine…more spices, sweet and salty, fried seafood (in France we don't fry seafood).  The community is something totally new for me, I love that spirit.”


What are your favorite things about New Orleans?

“I love the architecture, way of life, music, and of course the food!! I was agreeably surprised at the quality and diversity of the food when we arrived because in France, we don't have a good feeling about American food; but then we traveled in the United States, in other cities, we realized how unique and special New Orleans is.”  


Where is your favorite restaurant in New Orleans?

“One of my favorite restaurants is Joey K's, which has very authentic traditional Louisiana dishes that are affordable…that is kind of my canteen.  Regarding New Orleans cuisine, I especially love softshell crabs, crawfish boils and catfish.  This was a big surprise for me because we don't eat catfish in France, but here I discovered that it is delicious when you know how to cook it.”


How often do you go back to France?

“I usually go back in France once a year during the summer, to visit family and of course EATING French specialties from all over the country.”


Where would you most like to visit?

“I dream of visiting Japan, first because I am a black belt of judo and jujitsu and also because of the ancestral history, the spirit, and the very specific food culture.”


Where do you live in New Orleans?

“I live in the Irish Channel.  I am passionate about all kinds of music. I have a collection of about 3000 vinyl records. I am a huge Saints fan, season ticket holder and love sports in general.  This year is special for me because of the pandemic we were not able to go back to France and visit our family.”

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